Some Weeks Later…

I’ve had days where I get super introspective, days where I get 4 or 5 things done, and days where I sit around and can’t fathom how I’m ever going to be okay again. I’m doing streaming and art and talking to people, but it feels like I am trapped inside a bullet hurtling at a target. The worldwide situation of this C OV ID vir us has pushed humans into themselves in a way not quite seen before. Also we are all Homestuck, and that fact holds me gently some nights. I haven’t been this much of a shut-in since high school.

Coincidentally, high school has been the last time I’ve been this involved in art, and more. 2011 I was very very active on art sites and creating, surrounded in school by self improvement purpose. It was also the era where I spent most of my free-time at a desk and computer. It was such a memory. I had these goals and ideas since then. My teachers helped me write. My classmates helped me feel. I miss them terribly. I wish I could visit some of them. Conference calls aren’t quite the same as going into someones office, home, or meeting out in the open at a park or coffee shop. That is what I miss, the public area. My goals are pretty straightforward even now in this low-calorie apocalypse.

Stories. I want to make worlds of interest and worlds where ideas can be explored with controlled consequences. Ideas worth sharing with each other.


p style=”padding-left: 40px;”>Comic: Fantasy magic story of “the action coming to the protagonist” through the form of rifts. Each rift is simply another part of the world folding over onto itself, with the seams as the creases. Sometimes there will be another dimension folded over. What is the goal of the story? To demonstrate that good will and accepting emotions are indeed the actual key to getting things done. The protagonist rides a balance of moods (sound familiar? lol) and either handles things supremely smoothly, or causes ripples and roadblocks. Will the protagonist cleanse herself of this mysterious ailment of emotional lightning, will she embrace it to defeat evil? Is there any evil in the world, or just twists that need to be unraveled?
Writing: I want to get back to writing my sci-fi novella. I miss the characters. I miss spending time thinking about that world, about a world where humanity is rebuilding as best as it can and it’s janky, shaky, and misaligned. Where there are people still, after decades of genetic alteration, in between new world orders and the hint of an intergalactic world just waiting for humanity to get it’s ass together. Will it?
Animations: I want to make animation. It takes a whole hell of a lot. Compositing the workflow in 2016 showed me the articulated organs of the process. Story-boarding, concept illustration, splash page, character, background, architecture, I wanted to arrange it all for a story. Which story? I can barely remember the ideas and through-lines I had in 2012. Scifi. Fantasy. Sci-fantasy. Slice-of-life. They have developed, I have kept them organized in their own shelves. But where do I take them from here?