Post-Holiday Pre-Spring ∆

Thank you every family member, friend, coworker and stranger who gave me gifts this year. I truly appreciate it!

I love the hand extension exercise bands, the fanny pack, the recipe book, the chocolate, the home made kaluha, and all the rest. And the music subscription has been keeping me well-fed during work hours with good music and NO ADS *fainting couch sigh of relief* so my brain isn’t interrupted by strange consumerist illusions.

Making the drop-off trips for both Bearsgivings, Christmas, and the family chat for New years were ways I felt like a family this year, even if all the psychological pressures of plague safety really freaked me out.

There are still gifts coming from me late this year, I hope people do not mind.

It’s been many months since I lost my apple pencil. I have so many traditional art supplies that I use to make art, but this one has been the most streamlined way to just pick up and make art with. Sadly, I don’t know where in the hell it was left: backpack, closet, office, old car that is now scrapped after an accident…

So I got a new one. After finally having the finances to do it. Damn they are spendy. Magic wand pricetag huge digits. This time, it also has a cute case that will make it Less Likely to be lost!