It’s been a ride.

I’ve got my most important needs set up as my priorities. Mental health is a constant slippery rocky beach. Finances are tight and a huge stress, until around November. My body is just barely getting its food and sleep.

So… most projects are called off until I’m a bit healthier. There’s so much stress that it takes more to work through it, and I was already uh. A little challenged at finishing all my projects. Still doodling and drawing.

I did find, download, and sew my own masks. It took so long but its great. Using up fabric… buying more cute fabric…. giving them to friends and family, it’s good. I have just one more precut one to sew, then. I can call “round 1: done.” Round 2 is the furry masks! Gotta get rid of all these blue faux fur bolts… Somehow.

I’m trying to keep organized and keep clean. Quarantine stress has piled up hard. Real hard. Like I’m just holding on. I wish I could pull things together.

I miss animating. I miss making art every day.

It’s been a ride.