job job job job

When I go to work I clock in at 6:30 and clock out at 3. The time I spend after that is pretty much all I have.

Staying creative has been a huge challenge… It is rough coming home each day and trying to find the drops of brain juice left. Gotta figure out how to recharge better. I stay on my feet most of the day and pace a ton when I get home (if I sit or lay down I immediately start to lose my energy) and I have no routine about how to settle in and rest. Usually it was going to the gym before knee hurty. Let’s see if I’m all better today after work.

A small calendar for my creative projects is my reminder that yeah I can still do things for a couple hours each day. Chipping away at the things I set up for myself:

I have a Halloween costume, masks, general costumes, piano to practice, bass to practice, animation, illustration, and podcast to work on. It’s all scattered around my studio, but heyd

it’s better than job!