Following the Cycle – Organization

Waking up and doing it all again!

Planning things requires also doing those things.
Planning things requires knowing your plan will not be fulfilled outside the mind as it is inside the mind.
Planning things requires communication with everyone else that comes in contact with your life.
Planning things requires the ability to sense feedback from all sources, including internal reasoning and feelings.

I’m trying to make solid plans. Where something comes up as a result. It needs to have an end goal, like “posting online” or “assembling a final folder of images” or “stop working on an art piece and just send it already!”

There’s a feeling of being trapped against energy, time, space, and decision. Yet inside this circle, there is always an opportunity to try again. After a while you notice a world that has nothing to do with what you try to do, and instead has everything to do with what happened in between your decisions. Such as the dishes. And the bathroom. And the art. And the appointment scheduling.

This week, I actually got myself a new planner and started using it right away so I could Forget the things I needed to do, and instead concentrate on the things I was doing. Also, leaving it off my phone has helped my eyeballs, posture, and alarm system. Plus, there’s much more room to write, and I can close the book, leaving it less overwhelming than constant notifications. It also helps me build my Checking muscle (it is very atrophied, and I am bad at checking in with things).

So far, it’s going well. I’ve finished a commission work, made and set appointments, and am actually cooking dinner again by thinking ahead in the week for food plans.