First and Foremost: check if I am open

Frequently Asked Questions

q) Can I watch you stream?

a) Yes, I will post links to my stream activity on my blog here as well as social media.

q) Where can I contact you to actually talk to you about your art?

a) The following places and methods:

email: monster.commissions[at]gmail.com is my email for questions about art of all sorts, and where I prefer to keep email threads of correspondence. This is for security and also to make sure of a paper trail with my customers.

twitter: @theMajorArcanum is the fastest way to contact me about art in general. It is my general Art Twitter, where I also repost art I find inspiring and want to share, as well as my own personal art. Please remember it is publicly viewable, and anything private should be sent through Direct Message.
@_lycheecommish is where I will start a tweet thread for projects to show updates directly to customers.

direct messagesInbox messages, Notes, DMs, are checked less frequently than email.

shouts and comments: Please don’t, conversation gets lost and there’s no paper trail.

text: Please don’t, even if you are a friend with my number.

q) Can I repost the art you did for me?

a) Yes, as long as you don’t try to pass it off as your own, and link back to my page when you do. If I send you a high-res image with no watermark, please do NOT use that version. Use the lower dpi version with the watermark for web uploading. Keep the higher one for your computer, projector, or other personal use.

q) Will you draw (X,Y,Z)?

a) I’ll draw whatever I’m comfortable creating as a piece of art.  I am particular about what I support and broadcast, and while I support many subjects and depictions, it is usually a case-by-case basis if I will create something that extends beyond the pale.


By commissioning an art piece of a value (I will assign the value, but after a purchase is made, I will not request more from the commissioner during or after the art is finished, unless the commissioner has discussed additions or adjustments with me during the process) equal to or above $60 USD, a down-payment will be required to ensure the effort and time for sketching and prepping, thumbnail-ing, etc. and to ensure the art will be paid for in full after it is finished. This down payment will be negotiated on a sliding scale.

A commission’s work will begin after I receive a reference picture(s) or description of the action(s) and subject(s) in question. From then on, I will begin work on the piece and check in at a limited number (2) of intervals needed for specific details unique to each piece. Check-ins take place over email unless specifically negotiated otherwise by the commissioner. Preview screenshots will be attached to the check-in message.

After references have been submitted through email and full or down payment has been received, the drafting process begins. Midway through the initial sketch, posing and detail references may be discussed and settled upon ONCE, at my discretion. Online streaming is the easiest way to see the art in-person and comment on it as it is made, which informs my decisions. I post a link on my twitter and other platforms to every art stream as they start. I will contact the commissioner through email if a stream is inconvenient. The commission will be completed in this way, if it does not require color. No other artist modifications, corrections, alterations or changes may be requested to the sketch or lines after this stage. If the commission involves specific colors, input from the commissioner is sought and changes to color pattern only are discussed and settled on at my discretion ONCE. No other modifications, alterations or changes may be requested after this stage.

Personal modifications to any commissions produced by the artist are allowed, only if the modifying party includes a link or reference to the original being modified, and the artist of the original (see CC license at the bottom). Modifications may include: compiling into a reference sheet, color and light editing, .gif (or other animation) editing, creating a composition with multiple works, or other types of modification.

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to participate in a creative process. This is not like pressing a button and watching a robot assemble a box in a uniform fashion in a uniform time; there are fluctuations in time and creation. Once you have deposited either the full amount (or a down payment for any commission totaling over $60), you will be guaranteed a piece of art unless exceptional disaster occurs. This is if a family emergency, living space emergency, school emergency, or things of that nature arise, and it is the exception, not the norm. The commissioner will not be left out of contact about absences or gaps in work. Upon aforementioned disaster scenarios, it is my (the artist’s) responsibility to contact you within 3-5 business days of the event in question to negotiate an updated commission plan involving potential compensation. If the event in question happens before the first drafting stage, your down-payment will be paid back in full; if after the first drafting stage, you will receive an alternative negotiated compensation.

All work created by the artist Michaela F. follows the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial works license; this means you can share it, remix or re-render it with a credit to the original and a referral to the creator, but cannot charge for redistribution, and cannot use it as a product to profit or use for marketing licenses. Works on commission for said products intended to profit or be used for marketing licenses (e.g. logos, graphics and designs) are attributed and contracted on a case-by-case basis.