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thanks for coming! Cartoons are now over for the day.
i maaaaay be doing saturday evening cartoons if i can. the low brow, problematic animations that need to be viewed and learned from? maybe? who knows..!

Saturday Morning Cartoons --- finishing it up! stream got interrupted

currently watching Moeru! Onii-san to test it out for a new show. come chill!

Here we go! New cartoons today!!! well,,, "new"... 1966..!

Saturday Morning Cartoons --- early pregame with no mic and just music until 9 !!

Getting used to waking up this early and it's hard to eat breakfast before 6:30 ;-;

Just beat the cleric boss in Bloodborne!! This is as far as I've gotten and its taken a while 😭

Bout 2 play some blodeborne

Birds in San Francisco Started Singing Differently in The Silence of COVID-19 Lockdown

As the streets emptied out, the city's male birds began singing more softly + improving their vocal range, making them "sexier" to females, according to a new study🐦💕