Comics and Animation

Hand in hand, the two they go!

When I started drawing more as the quarantine began, I could not rest on a subject. It was doodles, a practice face. Sometimes someone else’s character. And I have stories dammit I have Ideas, but they’re not materializing.

And then suddenly for im not sure any reason, I pushed to make fur20 happen. As you can tell by the title, it has: cartoon animals, and cannabis. It’s a fun thing to start building our repretoir and practice our skills, putting out art and pieces regularly with relatively low pressure or expectation.

My friend Jack and I have been brainstorming, sketching, writing, doodling, and building the world since 2015 when we met in college. Time for the 5 year egg to hatch! It’s been building up and we’ve been doing good work. It’s been giving us the exercise we need.

We upload every Monday at 12pm PST (-8GMT) here: > fur20 <

The animation is coming right behind the comics. I JUST learned how to work an animation program. Look forward to more videos now as I get used to this computer workflow. I’ve already gotten a good amount of stuff done, by that I mean a complete key, breakdown, ink, and clean up of a small 6 frame loop.

This thing: aninipractice

Honestly, it’s Clip Studio Pro doing the best it does and I love it. 😮 If I ever finally storyboard and concept out a longer format film again, I think I might splurge for the Pro or X or whatever thing. It’s powerful and I got a ton done in a little time.