Bullet Salad

I’m going back to school. I can’t STAND it doing dayjobs that don’t involve art, communications, media, or being in a creative studio. Right now, the saving grace of my job is the cellphone and tablet repairs. I get to solve some pretty straightforward problems and I’m holding on to those reactions I get after every time I hand their devices back fixed. It’s not enough.

I have training in art and music, I should be using it and developing it. I took chances and went the “support yourself out of undergrad with side jobs” route and so far even though I’m making a small living I feel like I’m barely hanging on emotionally and spiritually.

Retail is awful. I feel like I’m cheating people out of their money, and with things that are not essential to their lives. If it were living supplies like blankets, food, or health resources, I don’t know what would be worse, but at least I would be giving people things they actually need. Maybe it’s just being at the mall, too.

I’m going back to school for Animation. It’s going to be a bit weird coming in after already completing an undergrad somewhere else, but I believe as long as I build my portfolio and find the right culture fit for me at a school, I’ll do okay.

My boss thinks I’m funny a lot, so I may have a good chance at the writer’s room stuff !