Big Rona in My Neighborhood

Hey folks, the snow-globe has been shook! There’s not much difference to my daily life, except now it isn’t a Choice to stay inside.

Right as I quit my job, the Corona virus spreads to my county and town. The cases are increasing and how it truly affects the whole country has yet to be seen. We have reached the point in the progression where everyone has more somber attitudes rather than the fake cheery, the oblivious, or the deniers.

I’ve begun building the portfolio. I believe art can help in trying times, now I just have to actually give it a shot. Gestures in the works, small images, even a pencil comic. It’s happening.

I have more job leads, and more clarity than ever. Now, I have to work up the drive, the same way it’s always done. Going in head first and stay running as long as you can..!