About Arcanum Arts

Portfolios, projects, and drafts are all hosted and developed here in the Arcanum website. A studio title, the Arcanum is a place of hidden symbolic, impressionistic, emotional, and sensual forces within artistic practice. It is also the assembled characters of that tarot activity where a familiar set of old divination symbols are used. To us it is a starry sandbox.

Multiple project hosting, multiple collaborator credits, and other cool art creations will be showcased here. Here are some so far:
  • Mika F. is the progenitor of the studio and host of this website. Bachelor of the Arts, Washington grown, built to last and forever plasmatic.
  • Jack M. is an artist from the PNW. Baby pageant award winner, he loves sci-fi and is writing a comicbook series about alien adventures!
  • Emil Q. writes and illustrates comicbook in hopes to process the true cryptidian nature of science fantasy, knitting a multidimensional mystery around their protagonist.