Arcanum Arts is the name of works hosted by Mika F. They sometimes create their own as well. Portfolios, projects, and drafts are all hosted and developed in the Arcanum. A studio title, the Arcanum is a place of hidden symbolic, impressionistic, emotional, and sensual forces that roil inside artistic practice. It is also the assembled characters of that tarot activity where symbols are used to divine meaning. Scry away.

Multiple project hosting, multiple collaborator credits, and other cool art creations will be showcased here. Really, it all starts with a group of people who get along, creating together.

  • Mika F. is the progenitor of the studio and host of this website. Bachelor of the [Liberal] Arts, world traveled and Washington grown, built to last and forever plasmatic.
  • Jack Bitters is an artist from the PNW. Baby photo award winner, he loves sci-fi and is writing a comic series about alien adventures!
  • Emil writes and illustrates comics in hopes to process the true cryptidian nature of science fantasy, knitting a multidimensional mystery surrounding his protagonist.