2021 ❄️Mini-snowstorm❄️ in the PNW

Yesterday and the days before this week I had been warned about an incoming snowstorm! Now I know better than to put blind faith in predictions, but over the days the predictions didn’t change, and today we’ve been snowed in. Thursday – Saturday. This evening on Friday, it’s probably going to be the coldest and snowiest. I wonder how it’s going to be.?

Around here in Washington we don’t take kindly to snow. On the surface we may enjoy it and many of us have now come to accept it and relish in it, but we don’t take kindly to it collectively.

-Many people do NOT know how to drive in snow: slower, cautious, less stop-and-go.
-Many municipal roads are NOT plowed and depending on your neighborhood and land management you may not get plowed at all.
-We do NOT have enough snow days to be culturally prepared for snow each year. People whine, people jump the shark, people fuck up.
-We have hills. Hills in a wetland forest with lots of places to hide water that then freezes. I grew up on a hill that had a street with a spring underneath. Summer was fine. Winter was icy.

So with that being said, I don’t want to go out driving this snow storm. Called in, the parking lot never got plowed, and just 20 minutes in any direction the weather changes. ? I wish I was more hardcore and could drive to work or anywhere but I also would not like to be stuck out there even waiting for AAA. Even if I am regretting not going to Trader Johs and Cashy Carry beforehand, I wonder if I take a hike to the nearest store tomorrow will it be open? ? Also it will last until Sunday and be fine by Monday. (If not, I will be making the drive to work..!) It’s a beautiful landscape. I always enjoy the trees in the snow. I did take a walk briefly yesterday, but not today. I want to see the trees tomorrow…!