2 Jobs – Strained my arm real bad!

It’s almost healed, but about 4 days ago I went into the clinic for my arm not being able to lift things without experiencing a deep sharp elbow pain.

I chalk this up to working 2 jobs at once, pulling 10 hour days, and getting really really crappy sleep. 4 or 6 hours is not enough healing time!! Also, washing dishes for an entire restaurant AND doing delivery at the same time….. That’s…. after working that for a year, I’m seeing more and more how that is messed up and a lot of stress. I’m in the middle of having my 2 weeks peter out between changing jobs, and it’s been a lot.

Tendinopathy I guess (sp?) and it really sucked. Getting out of my bedsheets was difficult. Lifting coffee cups hurt. Lifting receipts up to shoulder hight to adjust the tips on them hurt. My whole arm felt bruised. I couldn’t wash dishes or lift things into delivery bags without pain. Any leverage on my elbow hurt very bad.

A couple days into a sling and icing it and ibuprofen has helped immensely, although it’s been frustrating having your own arm twinge while trying to put your own pants on… :\ makes me feel unable in very basic ways.

I’ve been resting and trying not to do too much. It’s paid off! Hopefully after today, where I plan to sleep immense hours, it will be healed enough in time for…. going back to both my jobs tomorrow. This is why I’ve been lapse at art, updating here, and such. BUT I have good news about a couple other projects that are slowly but surely getting developed. Look forward to it!